Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Do you see what I see?

If you are a new reader - or an old reader with a poor memory - you won't remember this photograph of the Mexican Zapotec Indian rug that hangs in my living room. Take a good look.

Like the Christmas song asks,"Do you see what I see?"

Not sure? Then let me help you out.

Now do you see what I see?

That spot is where a visiting granddog threw up on my beautiful rug. No, PJ, it wasn't on the wall at the time! In fact, that spot is the major reason why I decided to hang the rug instead of walking on it. I couldn't stand the thought of more accidents happening on this rug.

Normally I'm in denial you can even see the spot. The pattern is so busy and distracting, I tell myself, that the spot is impossible to...a...er..spot.

Eggnog helps with the denial.

Renee also saw the spot and she didn't even have any eggnog!

"Tea," the Junk Queen said, so I hustled to the kitchen to make her some.

"No, you idiot!" Renee yelled at my retreating back. "I don't want tea! Put tea on that spot!"


So I did, a little at a time. (Don't you love how I cropped the photo so it looks like the black arrow in the pattern is helping you locate the spot?)

I let the area dry and then re-teaed, so to speak.

Looks pretty good, I think. That Renee isn't as dumb as she looks!

P.S. On a personal note, today, New Year's Eve, is my daughter's birthday. She was a preemie. Now I have to look up to kiss her. Happy day, Honey!


  1. Neat trick with the tea. Hope your daughter has a happy birthday.

  2. That Renee is one clever woman and handy to have around. I wonder if she can make wrinkles disappear? Tn'T

  3. I thought you were going to pick on Pj not me! But you got to admit I come in Handy like when IT guy banged up his head!!

  4. Trash, gravity is our enemy, I have no answer for wrinkles.

  5. Happy Birthday Texas Girl! That tea sure did do the trick. Amazing...you really can't tell now. Good job. Have a Happy New Year's Eve!! Don't drink too much eggnog. Oh, ok, it's only once a year. :)

  6. Cher, I can honestly say that Renee has many many tricks in her bag and even helped me get ink out of my new pants! Happy happy early New Year!! And, hope your daughter has a great Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday, you poor dear. Having a crazy Mother could not have been easy... sob...

    If you'd take that arrow off the wall, I don't think anybody would notice where you t'd... ~PJ

  8. PJ's right about the arrow...but the tea worked amazingly well. There's this squirty stuff you can get at pet stores to put on fairly soon after the dog does his thing on a rug in the future. It really works, but I can't remember it's name. Nature's Magic, or something like that.

  9. Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Texas Womanette, happy birthday to you!

    You put T on P so you can't C!

    Happy New Year!


  10. Were you able to remove/flush out the soaked-in
    doggy 'bllaaakk' before dousing the stain with
    tea? Just curious.

    The subjects of your blogs are consistently
    interesting. And gosh darn unpredictable.

    Happy New Year. Liver enzymes be damned, I'm
    headed for the eggnog. Wish you were, too.


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