Thursday, December 18, 2008

December views rare in Texas!

Snow in Texas is great because...

... you know it won't last...

...tomorrow it will be in the seventies...

...they'll close the schools and the university if there's a drop of it left on the streets in the morning...

...the children will get to see it for the very first time...

...some adults will get to see it for the very first time...

...and my yard will look so purty!

I'm a typical Texan! I don't know how to dress for this weather!


  1. How fun! I went to college in Florida and one year it snowed (flurried really). So many kids were seeing it for the first time and it made it even more fun and exciting for me. Have a happy snow day in Texas! Crazy weather.

    Your comment on the domestic fringe had me in a fit of hysterics. Thanks for the laugh!!

  2. Cher~Your yard looks so gorgeous with the light blanket of snow! It looks so magical the bridge and all, lucky girl to have all that space for fun old treasures!! Enjoy ...

  3. Sandals in the Snow! Only in Texas!Your photos are so them all. Funny how rust looks with snowflakes on it!

  4. That's because here in Texas we only wear shoes in the winter and it's not winter yet! Tn'T

  5. I have to laugh only because tonight we are supposed to get 8 - 12 inches! But I bet it's fun for you!

  6. Looked worse than it was huh? It's warm today and wet.

  7. No shoes year round in house...only wear sandals when we go outside...even in snow!

    Two things Texas women dislike: shoes and bras!

    Anybody with me?


  8. Did I see those shoes at the thrift store? I could of sworn I saw those... size 10 and a half?
    When is Shuffle going to back on? I read faster than you type. Hurry up, already! You have an audience here!!! ~PJ

  9. Enjoyed seeing your yard. Love the bridge! I wear flowered crocs to take the garbage out in rain, sleet or snow.

  10. Looks pretty on your old farm equipment. Enjoy it while you can!



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