Saturday, November 8, 2008

Whew, it's garage sale, that is!

Boy, I love garage sales...other people's garage sales! Having one myself is just too much work!

Having one with Renee is much easier. I pull out all the things I want to sell, I supply tables and the back yard, then I stand around like I don't know what to do next. She can't stand it.

She sorts my like items into piles, then works magic as she displays them like my back yard was an upscale antique boutique.

Of course, I'm still standing around with my thumb in my mouth.

So after she fitzes over everything, she tells me to start pricing my stuff - and again, I don't have a clue.

"Renee, how much should I put on this?" I ask on each and every item. Meanwhile, she's still trying to unpack her stuff and put it out.

Finally, after the tenth or eleventh time I ask that question, Renee just starts doing it herself!

Maybe I'm not that bad but Renee is that good!


  1. It was a fun time! We got to see Trash Talking and Cat Daddy, a fast blogging lesson and lot's of laugh wish they lived closer! Theresa and her decorating wizzard friend Marion stopped by from the Junk Gypsy sale on their way to Leftovers Gala, where we ate, drank and made Merry in the wonderland of fablous decorating and antiques! Linda and Ludmill of Willows Nest [straight from the second day of their Grand Opening in Burton] and Peg and John of French Vanilla shared in the party atmospere! You do meet a great assortment of talented people in this world. I still say this blogging can get a litle much!

  2. Now that's a yard sale I would've like to hit. It looks like a store!

  3. Wow, lucky you! Actually, that sounds like my daughter and I. I think up things for her to do LOL. Karen

  4. That is one well-put-together garage sale! The type I love. Are those all your Raggedy Ann dolls?

    Hope you did well!


  5. Not any more! Those Raggedys are livin' large someplace else now!

    The Texas Woman

  6. It was well put together-we just got there too late. Had fun hanging out with y'all and getting to meet the IT guy. Tn'T

  7. Just got to read this one. Looks like lots of stuff and lots of fun! Great displaying! Hope it was a big hit. ~Mindy

  8. I just wanted to come back and say thank you for my tutorial on Saturday. It worked-now on to editing without republishing! Woo Hoo! Tn'T


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