Saturday, October 18, 2008

Things we saw garage sale-ing. Don't you wish you lived in Texas?

Renee, A Junk Queen, and I got up early this morning to garage sale. The sun was just coming up over the edge of the world. The fields were still foggy and wet. So was Renee. Two friends were heading towards the same sale, but I gunned the Pumpkin Wagon, and we beat them to the bargains.
They weren't happy about it, though, and one of them really gave us the old evil eye. She didn't scare me. I had Renee sitting shotgun - literally. Renee lost her glasses at the first sale, not the first time that has happened, but we still found this great planter. I hesitate to tell you what this planter was in its first life, because yesterday I said that was my last post about you-know-whats. So just think a minute and it will come to you. Isn't that a great recycle idea? I bet you could pick it up for a song, like the fellow on the left did.

We barely made it home. The Pumpkin Wagon kept pulling over and talking with his friends.

Seriously, Renee says that's the last time we drive that orange thing. It's too little to haul all the stuff she wants to buy!


  1. I think I left my glasses on the side of the road, near the deer photo op. Enjoyed the morning, next time we take a bigger truck.

  2. Great sunrise photo but what is that pump thingy? Take a look at a free online garage sale. Don't think you'll find the pump thing but you never know!!

    Good Luck!!

  3. Ahhh...the beauty of Texas, indeed. Did you tell Renee that it's time for an updated blog? ha! I must agree with her. If shopping is to be had, it should be had in a truck. More room! ~Mindy

  4. I stumbled upon your blog thru Garden Antqs blog links! I linked you in my own blog, hope you don't mind!! Come visit me! Love your style!! Have fun!


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