Thursday, October 16, 2008

Speaking of purses...

Today's purse, not another pillow. It's still a purse, but it's a purse with a difference.

When I go garage sale-ing, I need both hands free to dig through junk and boxes. I can't have a purse or keys in my hand because I'll lay them down and cover them up with other people's stuff. Trust me, I've done that.

I can't have a purse over my shoulder, either. It slips down my arm. I jerk it back up. It slips down again. I jerk it up again. It's exhausting and distracting. I've done that too and with this exact purse.

So I went to Lowe's and bought two brass double ended bolt snaps. No, really. That's what they're called. I then unstitched the handles on my purse and secured a bolt snap to each empty handle loop.

Then I snapped the other end of each bolt snap to a front and a back belt loop on my jeans.

Abracadabra, it's a waist-hanging purse.

Not a fanny pack that makes your butt look huge.

Not a tummy purse that makes you look preggers.

But a waist-hanging purse that gives you clean lines front and back, handy lipstick and money storage, and most important of all, hands-free treasure hunting.


  1. I was going to say something really smart, like, why not use the pockets in your jeans? But, I like your idea! And often times, jeans pockets just aren't enough. I discovered a wristlet (wallet with a loop), but it gets in the way of my hand t g-sales. You shoot! You score! Very creative and functional. Way to go, Cher!

  2. Hey, I could wear one on each side so I could look like I had hips. I'm digging the fringe. Deb

  3. You could market this idea. I misread "...went to Lowe's and bought two brass double ended..." I somehow read "...went to Lowe's and bought two bras..." I thought oh, no, a bra purse! I'm not sure I could have handled that. My glasses must have a smudge on them.
    Enjoy a great weekend garage sale-ing!!

  4. I've had one of these for years. Of course, mine doesn't look as cute as yours and it smells like gunpowder. ;-)


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