Monday, September 1, 2008

The Simple Photographer

IT Guy and I woke up Saturday morning on the shore of Lake Fort Phantom Hill near Abilene.

It wasn’t a surprise. We’d traveled five hours the day before to get there. Going anyplace in Texas takes a while.

The dogs got us up at their regular time, and, for once, I was happy about it. The sunrise was lovely, so I grabbed my camera and walked from our RV to the water’s edge.

Much to my delight, the unexpected happened. Four ducks swam out of the undergrowth at my feet. Immediately I started shooting with my little camera, letting it sort out apertures and focuses on its own. I didn’t even take the time to get my horizon line straight. Camera stealth and speed meant I would get the ducks in my shots. If I had to quickly set dials and adjust my stance for the horizon, the ducks would have been long gone.

Back inside at my laptop, I opened each shot in Microsoft Office Picture Manager. If you have Microsoft Word, you probably have that software already installed on your computer. It’s a powerful tool for the Simple Photographer.

First, I clicked on Edit Pictures. This brings up a toolbar on the right. I then clicked on Auto Correct which brought the photo back to the color intensity of the original sunrise.

Next I clicked on Rotate and Flip, where I turned the photo from a sideways picture to an up-and-down one. While there, I used Rotate by Degree to straighten out my horizon line. Boy, did it need it. I then cropped the photo with the Crop tool to make the picture rectangular again. Back I went to Edit Pictures where I resized my photo to a small web picture for easier opening on your website.

I did all that with a photo tool from Microsoft that I already had. Pretty neat, huh?

I believe in keeping photography simple. I owned a one-hour photo and portrait studio for eight years; and believe me, things back then weren't as simple as they are now. God bless Bill Gates!


  1. What beautiful photos. Looks so serene and calm.

  2. VEry very pretty and serene pictures!

  3. Funny--that I followed references within a news story I was reading
    yesterday (probably about Sarah Palin's grizzly bear throw) to other stories about longhorns & trophy horns. As I was reading, I thought.
    "Hm, I should ask Cher if she's
    thought about using longhorns for
    her headboard." You could
    go on and on about the symbolism,
    but in any case, the horns are attention-getting.


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