Thursday, September 25, 2008

Should I redecorate the Toy Room?

Dolls weren't included in the original Toy Room. If you don't believe me, just ask C-Bear! He'd never touch girlie stuff. Even My Little Pony was too girlie for him. But I loved them, and, slowly, the doll corner grew.

A porcelain doll. Rubber dolls. A wind up crawling doll. A Nancy Ann Storybook See Saw Majorie Daw (sis had one like it). A Nancy Ann Storybook Little Red Riding Hood (like the one I had). A boy football doll. Baby squeaky dolls. And, of course, a doll from my m-i-l.

Feel free to take a silent tour around the rest of the room, then tell me. Should I redecorate it for the older C-Bear or let him sleep on the couch?


  1. I don't remember how old C-Bear is. But, I'd say change can be fun and exciting. Box up the stuff for now and have fun making a new room that both you and the boy can appreciate. Maybe a bunch of old atheletic equipment/balls/hunting stuff? What does he like? College memorabilia? 50's room? Texas stuff? I bet you can maintain a cool look while appeasing him. How often does he visit? Get him off that couch! (I love the chairs on the wall, and the white dresser rocks)

  2. A re-do of the spare room might be
    a good opportunity to expand your
    love of southwestern arts and findings.
    Think of all the colors you could
    indulge in. Your grandson doesn't
    come that often. Unleash your
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  3. Two for redecorating, none against. Guess I will do it. We already have one western guest room so I'll have to think of something else. I'll miss my circus tent!

    The Texas Woman

  4. By the way, I said 50's when I meant 70's. Showing my age! I love the bones of the room. The bed is kick booty. You have good structure already. It's just a matter of going a different direction for the man-child. Can't wait to see what you do. ~Mindy

  5. My girls would be in HEAVEN in that room!


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