Friday, September 5, 2008

Raw material

Sometimes I just HAVE to do something creative. I mean I JUST HAVE TO! I have to paint something. Make something. Turn a something into a SOMETHING! Do you ever feel that way?

That feeling is why I like to keep raw material around my shop. And since raw material is cheaper at garage sales, that’s where I like to shop.

Renee and I found a vanload (I’m serious here) of deer antlers one Saturday. We paid about a quarter for each set, and there were almost a hundred of ‘em. They were truly a find. Just remember, we’re not talking about big deer found in Colorado or Montana. Deer are pretty small here in Texas and so are their antlers.

Just one box of antlers. More in the attic.

I’ve only made two things out of the antlers, but just keeping the rest of them around satisfies my hankering to create in a basal sort of way. The rest are like blank canvases, full of possibilities and hope….

I coated the antlers with a sealer to bring out the colors and give them a finished look.

I love my mirror, although it is kind of weird.
It goes with the house and its owners!

Renee put my mother's turquoise bracelet on top of the mirror,
and I love it.

OK, I'm done with antlers and horns for awhile. Well, until next week, maybe.


  1. When I pull up to vans, dirty old men leer and offer me empty boxes of "stereo equipment" in exchange for my life savings. I want to find the van you found! I am envious of your find and your creations. Thanks for sharing!


  2. These remind me of a friend who uses antlers for different things. One thing she does is use them for valance hangers.

  3. wow, I've never seen so many antlers in one place, but what artistic potential!!!

  4. You must have an antler chandelier, at least in the planning stage.

  5. Web site very interesting... from one of your Aqua Lunch bunch.


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