Tuesday, September 23, 2008

And the winner is...

MINDY from Primitiques 'n Poetry at http://rockinm.blogspot.com/!

Congratulations! Email me your address and your hat will be shipped to your door this week. Since no entry hit the nail on the head, I used http://www.random.org/integers/ to pick the number of the winner.

BLOGGERS: Ever have a party and nobody came?

On the surface that's what yesterday's post looked like...a contest with very few entries. But I had a secret. Last Friday I installed Google Analytics, a tracking code that allows me to see who visited my site (not their names but how many there were), how they got to my site (by typing in my URL or from hitting my name on someone else's site), how long they stayed, and even from which country my visitors were from (2 from Canada, 1 from Finland, and 1 from New Zealand). Google gives me this report every morning, so I was eager this a.m. to see if my contest had spawned more visitors.

I was totally surprised. Even though the contest wasn’t over until noon today, which means tonight’s report will have to be taken into consideration too, my overnights showed a considerable spike in visitors. In fact, it was almost double from the day before.

I did do some legwork for the contest, though. I passed out my URL to one of my water classes. And maybe that's the key to the spike - hand-delivered URLs. I'm getting me some business cards made.

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  1. Wow! Yea, me! Well, I was on the right track with long horns...are those buffalo horns? Very exciting! I will email you my address directly. Thanks for the fun, Cher. ~Mindy


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