Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sometimes ya just need a potty break!

Have you ever been garage sailing/saling for so long that you just had to find a potty?

That's the way it was this morning for Ren oops, I promised her I wouldn't give her name with this photo, but here's a hint for you Round Top/Warrenton sellers: she's in the Bar W Field! mean, this stranger found the long sleeve shirt and hat at the garage sale across the street from these potties and wouldn't pose until she'd bought them as a disguise for her incognito moment.

You're a good sport,!


  1. Hi Cher!

    Now who's that taking a potty break? Ren.. Ren who? Could it be Renee?
    I'm not sure!! Love you guys, Susan

  2. Thats a real kick Hey,stranger good look.


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