Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Inside Outhouse

Our guest bathroom is designed for visiting cowgirls and cowboys. It started with the horseshoe towels bars that I bought at a garage sale for THREE for a DOLLAR! What were the sellers thinking?

Plans for the inside outhouse didn’t step into high gear, though, until I spotted the longhorn copper sink while visiting friends in another town. I had to have it! But what type of cabinet would show off its full potential? The oak already in the bathroom wasn’t western enough.

Then one Saturday when my friend Renee and I were between garage sales we spotted an ad in the paper. Someone was getting rid of this wonderful YO Ranch replica piece and two American Indian rugs (pictures for another time). Of course, I bought them all!

The cabinet has lots of carving on it. I especially love the horseshoes around the bottom and the cow hooves for legs.

We just can’t seem to throw away our old cowboy boots. In fact, I actively solicit abandoned boots to stop by our place to be resouled (not to be confused with resoled or resold!). There’s something about these mirrors that make me long for a horse between my legs and the smell of cowboy sweat.

I picked the bathroom colors from this wonderful watercolor of an old adobe home that is reflected in the boot mirror. It came from the estate of a dear friend. I guess it's not everybody that can say, "I think of her every time I sit on the pot!"

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  1. Cher! Congrats, it's not all that bad is it? I seem to managed the new blog OK. We wish you much luck and hope you enjoy blog world. Susan & Andy


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