Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fix that rug for me, would ya?

Isn't this the sweetest rug?

Or is it? Oh, it's sweet, all right, but it isn't a real rug. It's a painted one on the hardwood floor of my dentist's waiting room. Technically, it's excellent. And the details of the piece - the intricate designs in the center and on three of the corners, the border of fringe with gaps like missing teeth (well, it is in a dental office), and the highlight on the edge of the flipped up part - pull the viewer into the artist's world. But it's the creativity that keeps drawing me back to the dental office. Well, that and a tooth that's being crowned.

By creativity I mean the clever corner flip of the rug placed right in front of the doorway. It gets me every time I enter the room.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love the rug without the flip, but it's the flip that turns this rug into an extraordinary work of faux art.

The artist is Becky Luther. Becky is a decorative artist in the Bryan area who specializes in old world and textured finishes, murals, gilding, and faux effects. I'm hoping to run across some more of her work. (Get it? Run across? It's a rug! Get it now? Oh, never mind!)


  1. What a great rug!!! I like the flip a lot! Jen R

  2. that rug is fun. wonder how many old people besides you have tried to fix it?


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